More on Horace's Kiln

by Tom Stokes, August, '09

I no longer have any of Horace's blanks (I bought the 15") but I still support his efforts and provide him space on my web site. All of the photos on this page were taken by Horace and the words are mostly his being paraphrased by me. The ideas are all his. I should mention that Horace lives in Michigan and I live in Southern California and shipping blanks back and forth gets to be expensive in a hurry. You may contact Horace or me. The predecessor of this URL is here.

Raw Pyrex. Horace purchased 400 pounds of it.
The kiln, 20" mold, and no glass.
40 pounds of Pyrex in mold.
20 inch blank just out of kiln. Thickness is about 1.7 inches.
20 inch on brand new MOM 20 with an oversized turntable. Horace is already thinking of a new kiln and 24". Currently, the machine is being used to grind the front and back flat.
Router jig to make mold for a 20 inch ribbed blank. Horace lays this on top of a flat mold and routs out 18 ribs 2.5 inches deep. Then he routs out the top (front surface) to a 1 inch depth. The rib layout is designed to attach to an 18 point floatation system.
Final mold and red kiln wash. The wash is to help guard against the mirror sticking to the mold.
20 inch ribbed blank in the kiln and still hot. It took about 8.5 days in the kiln to get here.

Front surface of the blank. It is sitting on a 20 inch plywood disk which is centered on the MOM 20 turntable. This blank weighs about 24 pounds. The 1.7 inch thick blank weighs about 40 pounds.

The back side. Horace needs to grind all the ribs flat on top and all to the same height.

Stay tuned.