Another Windows program for analyzing telescope mirrors.

Parab was inspired by Jim Burrows' Sixtests and Dave Rowe's and James Lerch's FigureXP programs. Both seem to be inspired by Texereau's book. Parab was developed using Microsoft's developement tools and pretty much complies with the user interface that Bill Gates has mandated.

There is an introduction and a brief user's manual.

Download (Parab.exe zipped). About 23 KB.

Here are a few data files. They are tiny and not zipped.

Texer8in.ola - The classic. From Texereau's book.

ZOC10inch.ola - A Carl Zambuto 10 inch. Imported from FigureXP.

15inch1.ola - My 15" F/4. Very first knife edge readings for this mirrror.

15inch65b.ola - My 15" F/4. Very last knife edge readings for this mirror (I think).

Here is the project file (source code). It was created using Microsofts VC++ ver 6. If you don't have at least that, this file probably won't be very useful. - About 170 kb.

Tom Stokes 12/25/12